Pre-approved Digital Solution for SME Go Digital

Details of  Pre-approved Digital Solution for SMEs Go Digital

The SMEs Go Digital programme is designed to assist SMEs build stronger digital capabilities and deploy digital technologies based on the SME’s level of digital readiness.

  Typical Offering of Proposed Packaged SolutionCosts  
a) Revel Systems SaaS Establishment License 12 months$7,000
b) POS System 12 months$2,500
Professional Services
a) Network, Menu, Back Office, Hardware Testing, Onsite Setup, Training
- Setup and Configuration
up-to $6,400
2.Additional items12 months
a) Additional Kitchen Display Screen$750
b) Additional e-Waiter Ordering Station$1,500
Total Package Price: from: $16,100 and up.

Total Grant Support: $8,260